DIY Blacksmithing

DIY Blacksmithing is a resource for aspiring blacksmiths, DIYers, and metalworkers.

It all started with a free blog back in 2011 by the same name:


I had just learned how to forge steel projects in early 2011 and I wanted to share the journey with others.

So I started writing about how I set up a backyard forge using hickory stumps and a railroad track for an anvil.

That site grew into a resource that spawned a series of books, a blacksmithing school map, and ultimately, my own company Brown County Forge.

DIY Blacksmithing Today

DIY Blacksmithing today is focused on continuing the mission of providing good, actionable information about blacksmithing and metalworking.

Whether you want to start blacksmithing as a hobby or would like to earn some income from it, we’re here to help.

If you have specific questions, I can be reached at diyblacksmith@gmail.com.

To your success,

Terran Marks