DIY Blacksmithing Podcast Episode 001: Our Mission and Background

DIY Blacksmithing Podcast

In this episode of the DIY Blacksmithing Podcast, we lay down some goals and talk about some background.

Why Are We Here?

There’s a lot of information about blacksmithing and metalworking out there.

With the Internet, we have access to more useful (and not-so-useful) information than ever before.

My name is Terran Marks and I’m a professional blacksmith.

I run Brown County Forge where we focus on home hardware and blacksmithing classes.

I learned the trade at a Craft School in North Carolina in 2011 and I’ve been smithing ever since.

I love the craft and I love talking about it.

When I was first starting out, I created a website all about it.

The DIY Blacksmithing website began as a way to keep track of my experiences.

What it was like setting up my forge, buying my first hammer, and selling my first hook.

Over the years, the site has gotten bigger. It now has tools and resources that get used by thousands of blacksmiths around the world.

I hope the DIY Blacksmithing Podcast becomes a resource for you as you continue on this path.