The 2015 Anvil Price List

2015 Anvil Price List

We’re always working toward making blacksmithing information easier to access here at DIY Blacksmithing. We’ve created tutorials, offered videos, published books, and even made a Map of Blacksmithing Schools in the U.S. to help people get started.

After doing some research and realizing that it might be useful, we decided to create a list of anvils along with their prices, manufacturers, and where to buy them. Our goal was to make it easier and more efficient to look for a price, style, and weight to suit each blacksmith.

So, we’d like to introduce the 2015 Anvil Price List. It’s a collection of anvils from around the world ranging from completely FREE to $1500+.

We do have some production and research costs to consider, but we’re still able to keep the price extremely reasonable at $2 (and it could save you $100’s of dollars and hours of search time).

The 2015 Anvil Price List will:

  • Save you time and money.
  • Help you find an anvil in your price range and weight requirements.
  • Show you exactly where to go to find anvils at any price.
  • Uncover lesser-known brands with the quality of titans like Ridgid/Peddinghaus, Fisher, and Hay Budden.
  • Share what companies offer FREE shipping on a variety of anvils.